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This Venn diagram suggests how pages can be tagged by multiple overlapping categories depending on the information they contain.

Each page is categorized so it is easier to find. Each category has a page that shows all pages within that category. Categories are also categorized into a hierarchy of categories--Salmon is a category of Fish is a category of Biology is a category within Ecological Topics. You can use categories to generate automatic lists of pages with Dynamic Page Lists. We are Developing a more intuitive approach to categorization using checkboxes and form-based editing.

How do I categorize a page?

Editors can use the "Edit Source" link at the top of each page. Then add [[category:name]] to the top of the page content. When the page is saved the code becomes invisible, and the categories show as hyperlinks on the page footer. In addition, many categories also have a "home page" that provides an overview of the content of the category, and how the category relates to other pages. Here is a list of all the categories currently used on the Wiki:

Place Categories

Show the location of a Place, Workgroup, Effort, or Product within a watershed-based framework.

Salish Sea(11 C, 3 P)
Admiralty Inlet(1 P)
East Sound(1 C, 7 P)
Fraser Lowlands(1 C)
Gulf Islands(1 P)
Hood Canal(1 C, 41 P, 4 F)
Juan de Fuca(1 C)
Saanich(1 P)
San Juan Islands(empty)
South Puget Sound(3 C, 50 P, 12 F)
Sunshine Coast(1 P)
West Sound(empty)
Whidbey Basin(24 P, 10 F)

Scale Categories

Describes the spatial scale of a Place using a set of standard terms.

Catchment Scale(6 P)
Landform Scale(73 P)
Regional Scale(4 C, 11 P)
Site Scale(1 P)
Unit Scale(1 P)

Jurisdiction Categories

The layers and branches of governments to describe all page types. These categories are represented with Workgroup pages.

Workgroup Categories

Label Workgroup or Topic Pages as related to a kind of institution.

Academic(1 C, 13 P)
Youth(1 P)
Federal(49 P, 8 F)
no subcategories
Local(42 P, 4 F)
County(1 C, 2 P)
District(1 C, 1 P)
Municipality(1 C, 2 P)
Special District(12 P)
no subcategories
Private(20 P)
NGO(1 C, 58 P)
Provincial(2 P)
no subcategories
State(61 P, 7 F)
no subcategories
Tribal(16 P, 1 F)
no subcategories

Topic Categories

Describe the subject of Product, Effort or Topic pages.

Climate Change(31 P, 18 F)
Infrastructure(1 C, 1 P)
Land Use(4 C, 35 P, 19 F)
Socioeconomics(1 C, 3 P, 1 F)
Biology(4 C, 51 P, 36 F)
Ecology(1 C)
Geophysics(2 C, 33 P, 4 F)
Landform(2 C)

Effort Categories

Describe the purposes of Workgroups, their Efforts and their Products.

no subcategories
Arts and Crafts(1 P)
Lessons(8 F)
Monitoring(31 P, 49 F)
Research(1 C, 45 P, 28 F)
Protection(32 P, 27 F)
Acquisition(1 P)
Regulation(8 P, 3 F)
Restoration(2 C, 138 P, 144 F)
Beach Nourishment(empty)
Engineered Log Jams(1 P, 1 F)
Revegetation(5 P, 4 F)
Social Change(5 C)
Coordination(48 P, 3 F)
Education(3 P)
Funding(48 P, 7 F)
Planning(78 P, 136 F)

Product Categories

Describe kinds of Products

Dataset(1 P)
no subcategories
Document(2 C, 139 P, 506 F)
Design(1 P)
Presentation(33 F)
Standard(2 F)
Synthesis(1 F)
Thesis-Dissertation(1 P, 2 F)
Graphic(2 C, 1 F)
Diagram(1 F)
Image(2 C, 154 F)
Map(2 F)
Website(23 P)
no subcategories

Frequently Asked Questions

Editors can ask questions about categories here:

  • How many categories should I select - select as many categories as is necessary to describe your page. Different Page Types suggest different categorizations to answer a set of questions: where, by whom, for what purpose, with what kind of product, in what jurisdication, about what topics, and at what scale, are typical questions answered by a set of categories.
  • If I have a report of Salmon, should I select both Salmon and Fish? - No you only need to select the most appropriate category in a branch of categories. We can use queries to find pages of categories within categories.