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OUR ECOVILLAGE is a 25 acre living forest and permaculture farm in the Cowichan Watershed hosting a thriving experience-based learning community that builds sustainable relationships with earth and others. Our vision is sustainable well-being for the land, ourselves and our worldwide village.



  • Created in 1999
  • Build around sense of common space and wellbeing.
  • OUR is acronym for "one united resource"
  • "Did you come to the fire to get warm, or did you bring wood?"--shift from consumption to contribution.
  • Created new zoning designation allowing multiple land uses within one development unit.
  • Committed to completing regulatory efforts for appropriate technology.
  • Currently working on waste water treatment prototypes.
  • "This village must dream for the planet"
  • Climate change demonstration building - buildings that use local materials (cob, straw bale, post and beam) and thereby store carbon through their construction.
  • Green burial project, protecting land by placement of remains.