Lower Snohomish River Floodplain

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At the confluence of the Lower Skykomish and the Lower Snoqualmie, the Snoqualmie river passes under Highway 522, and is constrained between Lord Hill to the north, and the glacial plateau and Ricci Creek Watershed to the south. The small Anderson, Elliot, Evans creek watersheds enter the floodplain, and drain a small portion of the plateau. After an set of meanders called Thomas' Eddy, the river begins transitioning from a gravel bedded alluvial from to a more sand bedded estuarine form. The French Slough Flood Control District maintains levees on river-right where the French Creek Watershed joins, and the Marshlands Drainage District has levees on river left reducing flood flows on their lands. The Pilchuck River enters from the north at the City of Snohomish. From here downstream, you enter the freshwater but tidally-influenced sections of the Snohomish Delta.


Lower Snohomish Reach Scale Plan

This effort is linked to Coordinated Investment pilot work

There is no established workgroup for the Lower Snohomish. The Snohomish Sustainable Lands Strategy is working toward a Lower Snohomish Reach Scale Plan.