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Sustainability Ambassadors operates under fiscal sponsorship of Sustainable Seattle, a non-profit organization with a 21-year history bringing together individuals, organizations, and businesses in the greater Seattle area to build a sustainable future through innovation, education and projects. The fiscal sponsor relationship allows Sustainable Seattle to incubate great ideas while extending its network, and empowers Sustainability Ambassadors to focus on facilitating collective impact through our mission of “empowering youth to catalyze community sustainability.”

Empower: Learning should be relevant to solving community challenges. Youth: The age of apprenticeship to real-world learning. Catalyze: In chemistry if you add an agent to a mixture the whole thing changes. Community: We focus on community-scale policy, projects and performance measures. Sustainability: Meeting the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

"In the next two decades textbooks will become obsolete and grades will be silly. Students will design and manage real world projects resulting in measurable improvements in local and global sustainability. It’s time to initiate our youth in the responsibilities of the 21st century using the new three R’s - rigor, relevance, and relationship." -Peter Donaldson