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A wiki is a collection of interlinked pages. Every page on this wiki contains one package of information, depending on its page type. We have six page types for everything that people do or think about--those are our Human System pages. We have seven pages to systematically describe units of the Puget Sound Ecosystem.

If you are creating a page, you need to decide on a page type, and limit information to that kind of page. If you don't have a specific ecosystem site in mind, you are probably interested in a human system page type. If you are describing a project you are creating an effort page. If you are describing an organization, you are creating a workgroup page. If you are describing a report, you are creating a document page. If you are summarizing information on an idea, you are creating a topic page.

More Info:

EffortsWorkgroupsResourcesDocumentsTopicsPlacesHeadwatersLowland WatershedsFloodplainsHeadlandsBeachesEmbaymentsRiver DeltasEcosystemsHuman systemsEach wiki page provides information about a human system or ecosystem component, click to explore!