Northern Pacific Landscape Conservation Cooperative

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The NPLCC is one of 22 LCCs established by the Department of Interior. The North Pacific Landscape Conservation Cooperative is a self-directed partnership between federal agencies, states, Tribes/First Nations, non-governmental organizations, universities, and other entities to collaboratively define science needs and jointly address broad-scale conservation issues, such as climate change.

The NPLCC combines the collective science capacity, infrastructure, creativity, perspectives, and sometimes, financial resources of existing partnerships and programs to address decision support needs on a comprehensive scale. It is a forum for developing a common understanding of change driven by climate and related stressors and its success depends on active engagement of partners throughout the region.

Priority Topics

  • Effects of hydrologic regime shifts on rivers, streams, and riparian corridors
  • Effects of change in air temperature and precipitation on Forests
  • Effects of changes in sea levels and storms on marine shorelines, the nearshore and estuaries
  • Effects of the changes in the hydrologic regime on anadromous fish
  • Invasive species, diseases, pests and their effects on biological communities