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NFWF is a federally chartered 501c3 corporation, developed to aggregate and distribute funds for conservation work. They have a regional office in Portland, OR


  • An independent 501(c)(3) chartered by Congress in 1984
  • One of the nation’s largest non-profit funders for wildlife conservation
  • Governed by a 30-member Board of Directors approved by the Secretary of Interior (includes the U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service Director and NOAA *Administrator)
  • No membership; do not support advocacy or litigation
  • Transparent and accountable to Congress, Federal agencies, and the public


  • Protect, restore and enhance our nation's fish, wildlife, plants and habitats
  • Engineer creative solutions to address conservation challenges
  • Create common ground between public and private sectors


  • Provide grants to conservation organizations and agencies to implement science-based conservation plans
  • Leverage public funding with private contributions (average 3:1) to achieve shared conservation outcomes
  • Develops and implements conservation programs with private partners including Wal-Mart, Southern Company, Walton Foundation, Shell Oil, Altria, Moore *Foundation, FedEx, Covanta and others


  • Since 1984, NFWF has awarded more than 11,600 grants to over 4,000 organizations and leveraged $576 million in federal funds into over $2 billion for on-the-ground conservation
  • In FY 2011, NFWF leveraged $46 million in federal funds for a total conservation investment of $130 million
  • NFWF currently works with 14 federal partners and more than 50 corporate and foundation partners
  • NFWF’s IDEA (Impact Directed Environmental Accounts) program manages more than $100 million in mitigation funds to accomplish positive conservation outcomes


  • Restoring and protecting imperiled species
  • Promoting healthy oceans and estuaries
  • Improving working landscapes for wildlife
  • Advancing sustainable fisheries
  • Conserving water for wildlife and people