Nearshore Salmon Recovery Planning

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The Puget Sound Salmon Recovery Plan included a chapter that briefly described a Puget Sound nearshore restoration strategy to augment limited consideration of the nearshore in watershed-based chapters. Before, during and after publication of the Salmon Recovery Plan, there have been myriad efforts to improve the basis for salmon recovery planning in the nearshore.


SRFB Funded Projects

The following projects were derived from the PRISM database as all planning type projects with the word nearshore in their title over the last 13 years. They represent over $5 million of state funds and local match. A number of these efforts were designed to lead to local restoration efforts.

Hood Canal

South Puget Sound

West Sound

Whidbey Basin

Strait of Juan de Fuca

North Central Puget Sound

San Juan

Shoreline Management Plan Related Assessment

Clallam County

Jefferson County

  • text

Kitsap County

  • text

Mason County

  • text

Thurston County

  • text

Pierce County

  • text

King County

  • text

Snohomish County

  • text

Skagit County

  • text

Whatcom County

  • text

San Juan County

  • text