Tahuya River Watershed

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Tahya Watershed.jpg

The Tahuya River occupies the southern Kitsap Peninsula, with the lower reaches in Mason County flowing into Hood Canal, but with the headwaters in Kitsap County. Hood Canal summer chum salmon listed under the ESA are recently extirpated from the watershed. There are no municipalities in the watershed, with the highest population densities concentrated around the largest lakes. The Dewatto River and the Union River to the west and east respectively form the three southwestern watersheds that all drain to Hood Canal. The Tahuya State Forest is located in the middle of the watershed, and the Green Mountain State Forest in the headwaters are managed by WDNR, but the remaining lands are private. The watershed is all low-elevation and low-gradient on The Glacial Plateau with extensive wetlands and the Tahuya is thus a Rain-fed Stream System.


  • Great Peninsula Conservancy has purchased a preserve on the river.
  • The PSNERP project evaluated widening the bridge at the mouth of the river to restore freshwater distribution over the Tahuya Estuary.
  • Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group is active in the watershed evidenced by RCO Project Search
    • Bridge design has been funded.
    • Large woody debris has been installed in the lower reaches
    • Knotweed control has been funded.
  • DNR and partners have used state funds for trail development.