Quinn et al 2013 coho salmon elwha delta pre restoration

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Thomas P. Quinn , Nicole Harris , J. Anne Shaffer , Chris Byrnes & Patrick Crain (2013): Juvenile Coho Salmon in the Elwha River Estuary Prior to Dam Removal: Seasonal Occupancy, Size Distribution, and Comparison to Nearby Salt Creek, Transactions of the American Fisheries Society, 142:4, 1058-1066


  • Authors suggest that due to high variation, even 5 years of pre-restoration data provide a limited a basis for detecting restoration effects on coho.
  • Authors observed a difference in behavior between hatchery and presumed natural spawning coho, with natural spawn showing a proportion of the delta catch greater than in the overall population.
  • Study conducted using two sampling sites along river mainstem. Overall use of delta or river not tested.
  • Authors speculate that timing of outmigration may change as upstream habitat opportunities become available for rearing, delaying delta residence of coho.
  • Potential for shift in delta use appears to have little bearing on restoration decision making. -Pcereghino (talk)