Gelfenbaum et al 2006 nearshore research strategy

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Gelfenbaum, G., T. Mumford, J. Brennan, H. Case, M. Dethier, K. Fresh, F. Goetz, M. van Heeswijk, T.M. Leschine, M. Logsdon, D. Myers, J. Newton, H. Shipman, C.A. Simenstad, C. Tanner, D. Woodson. 2006. Coastal Habitats in Puget Sound: A Research Plan in Support of the Puget Sound Nearshore Partnership. Technical Report 2006–1, Prepared in support of the Puget Sound Nearshore Partnership. 46 p.



  • Identifies six goals:
    • Goal 1—Understand nearshore ecosystem processes and linkages to watershed and marine systems.
    • Goal 2—Understand the effects of human activities on nearshore ecosystem processes.
    • Goal 3—Understand and predict the incremental and cumulative effects of restoration and preservation actions on nearshore ecosystems.
    • Goal 4—Understand the effects of social, cultural, and economic values on restoration and protection of nearshore ecosystems.
    • Goal 5—Understand the relations of nearshore processes to important ecosystem functions including human health and protection of at-risk species.
    • Goal 6—Understand the roles of information—its representation, conceptualization, organization, and interpretation—in restoring nearshore ecosystem processes.