Dunwiddie et al. 2009 restoration resilience for climate change

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Dunwiddie, P.W., S.A. Hall, M.W. Ingraham, J.D. Bakker, K.S. Nelson, R. Fuller, E. Gray. 2009. Rethinking Conservation Practice in Light of Climate Change. Ecological Restoration. 27:3. http://dx.doi.org/10.3368/er.27.3.320


  • Identifies three general strategies for restoration in a climate change context, by increasing the systems ability to self organized under stress or disturbance, and thereby have functional resilience:
    1. Component Redundancy - restore more components that all provide the same functions.
    2. Functional Redundancy - introduce additional components that provide the same functions.
    3. Increased Connectivity - increase the spatial proximity and easy access to components.
  • These strategies are oriented towards allow successful species reorganize in response to change, and be able to find the habitat functions that they need within the changing landscapes.