Murphy 2020 no one asked for ethnography

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Murphy, T.W., 2020. 'No One Asked for an Ethnography.'Reflections on Community-based Anthropology in Coast Salish Country. Journal of Northwest Anthropology, 54(2020), pp.145-164.


  • After noticing that tribal communities have never requested to be studied (through ethnography), the author identifies 8 requests from tribal communities over a period of collaboration at Edmonds College:
    1. remember and represent your own ancestral roots
    2. Support indigenous students attending settler-colonial schools
    3. Form relationships with other-than-human peoples
    4. Support development of tribal economies in ways that honor traditional ways
    5. Restore cooking as a relationship to the land
    6. Support salmon restoration
    7. Witness, sing and dance
    8. Pass the mic and amplify tribal voices