Gaydos et al 2008 principles design healthy ecosystems

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Gaydos, J. K., Dierauf, L., Kirby, G., Brosnan, D., Gilardi, K., & Davis, G. E. (2008). Top 10 principles for designing healthy coastal ecosystems like the Salish Sea. EcoHealth, 5, 460-471.


  • Published shortly after formation of the Puget Sound Partnership in 2006.
  • Presents ten principles: (1) Think ecosystem: political boundaries are arbitrary; (2) Account for ecosystem connectivity; (3) Understand the food web; (4) Avoid fragmentation; (5) Respect ecosystem integrity; (6) Support nature’s resilience; (7) Value nature: it’s money in your pocket; (8) Watch wildlife health; (9) Plan for extremes; and (10) Share the knowledge.
  • Suggests that evaluation of past ecosystem state may limit development of desired future conditions.


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