Finlayson 2005 lowland puget sound topobathymetry

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Finlayson D.P. (2005) Combined bathymetry and topography of the Puget Lowland, Washington State. University of Washington, (


  • This Digital Elevation Model incorperates the latest elevation data for the Puget lowland (including LIDAR topography and swath bathymetry collected as recently as 2004). The DEM is in Washington State Plane North (feet), NAD83, NAVD88 and should be fully compliant with Washington State Geospatial standards. This raster covers only the Puget lowland. For coverage of the Pacific Coast or western Strait of Juan de Fuca see the older PSDEM2000.
  • Higher resolution data exist for many sites, but have not been developed into a seamless topobathymetric layer.