Beck et al 2001 estuarine nursery conservation

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Beck, M.W., K.L Heck Jr., K.W. Able, D.L. Childers, D.B. Eggleston, B.M. Gillanders, B. Halpern, C.G. Hays, K. Hoshino, T.J. Minello, R.J. Orth, P.F. Sheridan, and M.P. Weinstein. 2001. The Identification, Conservation, and Management of Estuarine and Marine Nurseries for Fish and Invertebrates. BioScience, vol. 51, issue 8, pp 833-641.


  • Provides a synthesis of the nursery-role hypothesis for estuarine systems in general.
  • Describes the wide range of phenomena that in aggregate provide 'nursery services'.