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Here is a cheat sheet for wiki markup. If any other quick help is useful, please mention it in the discussion tab. More extensive information can be found on the MediaWiki help pages. We also have some video tutorials posted here from YouTube. Wikipedia also has a good introduction to using MediaWiki. There is a categorizing page that discusses our system of page categories.


Each page should be assigned a template, by inserting at the top of text, a keyword surrounded by double curly brackets, like so:


Choices of templates are provided at the top of the edit window. The same key word may also be used as a category.


To change text use the following markup:

Bold = '''text'''
Italic = ''text''

Links to other pages

You can create a link to any other wiki page by using the following syntax:

[[PageName|the text that appears as the link]]

the above text would create a link that looks like this: the text that appears as the link

It is good practice to create a link, and then follow the link to create a new page, so that every page has at least one link leading to it.

Goals Markup Syntax Resulting text
Link to another wiki page - just surround the page name by double brackets [[pagename]] pagename
Link to another wiki page, but use text other than the page name - follow the page name with the text that will be seen [[pagename|text]] text
Link to a category page - requires use of a colon before the category name [[:category:name]] category:name
Link to another webpage
Link to another page using text - surround with single brackets, and include the text after a space [ text] text

Section Headings

By adding equals signs, you can turn text into a section heading. MediaWiki uses a outline heading system, and looks in a document and identifies headings to create a table of contents for a page.

Heading Level 1:   =HeadingName=
Heading Level 2:   ==HeadingName==

And so on...


To embed an image you need to either upload the image or have a static web-based repository and know how to use it(picasaweb or flickr or otherwise.) For on-wiki images use the following syntax:

[[file:imagename.jpg|400px|right|this is a caption]]

substituting the appropriate file name, indicating the display image width, omiting the positioning if you want it inline with text, and adding a caption as you see fit. You don't need to include any of those parameters if you don't want, nor does the order matter. You can turn an image into a link by adding the following code to your image markup:

[[file:imagename.jpg|400px|right|link=PageName|this is a caption]]


You can link to a file that is uploaded in the wiki using the following code:

[[file:FileName.pdf|link text]]


We have some code installed that allows you to embedd video in a wiki page. The code is simplest for YouTube and the markup looks like this, (with your YouTube video ID substituted for the text string):



Tables are how you can organize data into columns. Here is the syntax for creating a three column table where each column takes up a third of the page.