Pacific herring

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Pacific herring is an important species because it consumes zooplankton and other small forage, and in turn becomes a signficiant food source for birds, large fish, and marine mammals. Herring spawn annually in specific spawning areas, and attach their eggs to sumbmerged aquatic vegetation, like eelgrass and macroalgae. Some herring populations appear to be declining.


Herring Spawning Locations[edit]

The following distinct stocks are identified by WDFW with links provided where we have wiki pages:



  • Fidalgo Bay
  • Samish/Portage Bay
  • Interior San Juan Islands
  • Northwest San Juan Island
  • Semiahmoo Bay
  • Cherry Point
  • Strait of Juan De Fuca
  • Discovery Bay Ecosystem
  • Dungeness/Sequim Bay