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The web tool is for monitoring practitioners and researchers who are collecting or analyzing observational data on aquatic species or habitat. In addition, natural resource managers and funding entities, can use the tool to track information about Methods and Protocols, possibly recommending certain ones for use with their program.

To do what? is intended to help you document protocols or methods used in your research, monitoring, and evaluation (RM&E), as well as participate in community discussions about protocols and methods. This site will be a shared space for documenting what is in use and reviewing the best available techniques for answering common management questions about aquatic species or habitat. Currently you can add new methods or protocols, find out whom else is using a method or protocol, and review our Glossary and list of Metric/Indicator Categories and Subcategories. Eventually you will be able to participate in peer reviews, discuss your experience using a technique, see what managers or funders have recommended, or simply bookmark pages that interest you.


This tool is intended to add value to monitoring and evaluation investments by making key information about protocols, such as their statistical rigor or potential compatibility with related projects, available to the wider community. With adequate documentation and with the benefit of knowing what others are doing, we, as a community of researchers and managers, can make the best use of limited resources and ensure we’re offering the most accurate portrayal of the health of our streams, watersheds, and their inhabitants.

What all can I access on the site?

Given the various needs of users and everyone’s preference for keeping high quality information in the system, we have built different kinds of permissions into the system. If you are interested in gaining a different level of access, please Contact Us directly. is a collaborative project of the Pacific Northwest Aquatic Monitoring Partnership (PNAMP) and the State of the Salmon Program at Ecotrust.