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Anyone who is involved in ecosystem restoration and is willing to adhere to our social contract can become a wiki user, and create and edit content.

At this point we have four levels of access:

  1. The General Public - can wander around the wiki, read pages, and download files.
  2. Editors - have identified themselves and their work in ecosystem restoration, and have provided a verified e-mail, agreed to the social contract, and can thereby create and edit pages, upload files, and send email to other editors.
  3. Bureaucrats - are Editors with the power to invite new editors. We are looking for individuals who will serve as a point of contact within a user community to help increase the number of editors. Contact Paul Cereghino (user_talk:pcereghino) if you are interested.
  4. Administrators - Are Editors who become part of the moderator team, learn about the mechanics of wikis, get all kinds of special powers, and take a turn being 'moderator on duty'.

Becoming an editor

If you are working on ecosystem restoration in the Salish Sea, and can agree to our social contract, than click this button to become an editor:


Your user account requires you to provide a verifiable e-mail address. We are not anonymous. To be an editor we expect you to share your real name, where you work, and a little about your work in ecosystem restoration.

Where is this going next?

We anticipate that the next stage of development will be a first annual meeting of active editors, who will develop a system of governance and a long term funding strategy.