Page flags

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Page flags are templates used by the moderator team to idetify wiki pages that need work to meet the standards for format or qualtiy described in our social contract

What does a page flag mean?

If a page you are working on has been flagged, the moderator team is either requesting that you improve the page to better fit our standard formats or be more consistent with our social contract. The flag should provide information about where to find additioal guidance. In addition there may be useful critique found in the discussion page behind every page, which is open for editing by any wiki member, and is likely to identify weaknesses.

Page Flags

  • DOESN'T FIT PAGE TEMPLATE - The page does not contain the sections appropriate for its page type
  • IMPROVE CITATION OF EVIDENCE - this flag requests that authors distinguish between theory and evidence and provide better citation to identify the sources of evidence.
  • CLARIFY CONCEPTUAL LOGIC - this flag requests that authors identify the chain of logic that reveals their assumptions and evidence about how a system functions.
  • GRACEFULLY RESOLVE DISAGREEMENT - this flag requests that authors use on of our three approaches toward resolving disagreement described in the social contract
  • IMPROVE LINKAGES - this flag requests that authors increase the linkages in and out of a page to connect it to sites, efforts, or systems