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The ESRP Learning Program conducts and pre-design projects of regional value to increase effectiveness of beach, embayment and river delta protection and restoration. Regional Predesign Projects (learning projects) support restoration of large and complex ecosystems subject to multiple projects, and are intended to improve effectiveness or efficiency of a class of projects where there is uncertainty about ecological outcomes. This component of ESRP’s investment strategy aims to clearly identify the need/problems to be addressed that will influence restoration and protection project development and selection in Puget Sound. ESRP learning projects will provide insight and analysis into the options available to solve complex problems leading to nearshore and salmon recovery in Puget Sound’s nearshore. It is our goal to fund efforts that use scientific methods to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of future ESRP program investments. ESRP’s learning project program is required by our authorizing program guidance, developed by the Puget Sound Nearshore and Ecosystem Restoration Project (PSNERP). Strong learning projects improve our ability to select treatment locations and management measures, and help designers evaluate the consequences of alternative actions. We organize our learning by landform to consider the unique dynamics of delta, beach and embayment ecosystems. Please see below for a list of completed and ongoing projects and links to their associated wiki pages.

Regional Pre-design Criteria

Criteria for selecting regional feasiblity and pre-design projects - click to view

River Delta Learning Projects

Completed Projects

Ongoing Projects

River estuary to inform restoration planning

Beach Learning Projects

Completed Projects

Ongoing Projects

  • Strategic process-based protection and restoration planning along high priority drift cells
  • Quantifying a scale bar of beach functions at target sites identified by the Beach Strategies project
  • Nearshore habitat status and trends to support Puget Sound salmon recovery
  • Evaluating Puget Sound Beach services for protection and restoration

Embayment Learning Projects

Ongoing Projects