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This wiki started when a few of us realized that we had information that no one else could find, that the public value of information depends on its free flow, and that many people working for ecosystem restoration don't know about each others work.

This site provides free storage and sharing of documents and images, collaborative work spaces, and just enough structure so you can find things again. It is designed to be organic and self-organizing. It is a virtual shared scrapbook that you can edit with text, images, video, and documents. If you subscribe to our social contract and are working on ecosystem restoration, we'd like you to join us.

Our Goals

By engaging and training people to use this forum, we hope to:

What is a Wiki?

A Wiki is shared website. Each user can create and edit pages. Each page has a unique title, and can contain text, images, links to files, or embedded video. Pages are organized into categories. Our pages in this wiki are either about components of our ecosystem (like watersheds), or they are about the organizations, activities and products of our human systems.

Who's Wiki is This?

This site is a project of the Huxley Spatial Institute. A volunteer moderator team administers the site in accordance with a social contract, to which all members adhere. Text content is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License. Our primary support has been provided by the Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program to help fulfill its goal of increasing learning through restoration. Our current operating costs run around $1500/year.

Not Another Web Gadget!?

There are a wide range of other web-based resources out there. This platform is intended to complement those efforts, by creating a place where we can share, integrate, and interpret different sources of information together. This wiki is a place where you can put information so that you, and others, can find it again. Information transfer is not limited to a particular agenda or opinion. You ability to quickly transfer information is only limited by our social contract, legal constraints, and our ability to sustain modest hosting costs.

A map of ecosystem sites surrounding Port Susan, with deltas in light green, distinct beach systems in gold, intersected by embayments in dark green, with light blue floodplains fed by streams, and dark blue watersheds